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Waste Education Tips for Engaging all Demographics

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Learn communication tips to create recycling programs that are inclusive and culturally compliant with diverse communities.

ReCollect waste industry experts Darin Sheasgreen and Hind Lawrence will walk you through the best digital communication approaches to reaching all demographics in this free on-demand webinar. 

Waste Education Tips for Engaging all Demographics is a free on-demand webinar. Download today and watch at your own pace! 

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • Digital solutions to support with overcoming language barriers 
  • Best practices when engaging with senior and transient populations 
  • Leveraging technology to influence communications 

Special bonus, learn how our customers use our tool to engage communities with a special pre-recorded presentation by Walking Mountains Science Center, CO.

On Demand
30 Minutes

About the presenters:

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Darin Sheasgreen

Account Executive

Darin is a waste and recycling specialist with almost a decade of management experience in the Telecom Industry where he helped to pilot many e-waste programs still in use in across Ontario. With a communications background, education in Computer Technology, & passion for a green Earth, Darin joined ReCollect in 2021 to help clean up the waste industry.


Hind Lawrence

Waste and Recycling Specialist

Hind is a waste reduction and recycling specialist with experience in both the private and public sector. Hind is very passionate about the environment, connecting with others, and inspiring them to become more environmentally conscious. Outside of work, Hind enjoys paddling, working out and listening to k-pop.

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