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Customer Story: Abbotsford, BC

Abbotsford, BC Automates Successful Single-Stream Collections

Wanting to communicate to residents and analyze collection data, the City of Abbotsford, BC partnered with ReCollect.

Customer story takeaways:

  • Fully automated curbside collection services for garbage, recycling, and organics for more than 26,000 households.
  • “By using tools like the city’s Waste Wizard and learning how to properly sort items and which items aren’t acceptable, residents can become better recyclers, which will in turn help to reduce our contamination rates and create a safer and more sustainable city,” Ross Siemens, Mayor of Abbotsford.
Abbotsford Customer Story

Learn the importance of on-demand digital tools to educate and communicate like the City of Abbotsford did.

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“We really like the Curbside tool because it gives us information about specific households rather than a giant zone. We can really identify hot spots and really direct our educational efforts there.”

Julie Kanya, Solid Waste and Environmental Coordinator for the City of Abbotsford

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