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Case Study:Resource Recovery and Recycling Authority of Southwest Oakland County (RRRASOC)

RRRASOC pairs digital tools with recycling education programs to reduce call volumes and contamination

In the heart of Southeastern Michigan is the Resource Recovery and Recycling Authority of Southwest Oakland County (RRRASOC), an intergovernmental and municipal solid waste authority.

With the help of their digital recycling communication tools, RRRASOC has saved an estimated 200 calls per day. Their digital tools combined with their existing recycling education programs helped them reduce contamination. 

Key case study takeaways:

  • Reduced call volumes 
  • Reduced contamination 
  • Effective and efficient recycling communication and messaging

Learn how digital tools can save time and costs by improving recycling communications.

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“The tools are obviously having an impact on our homeowners and our residents, but they are also having an impact on us institutionally because it’s relieving us of a great deal of work,”

Michael Csapo, General Manager - RRRASOC

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