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Case Study: City of Saskatoon

City of Saskatoon Lowers Call Volume While Fostering Better Recyclers With ReCollect

In this case study, Mike Dawe, Environmental Coordinator for the City of Saskatoon's Solid Waste Programs, explains how he relies on digital tools for solid waste provided by ReCollect to reduce phone calls and help residents build proper recycling habits.

City of Saskatoon case study takeaways:

  • Lower call volumes (which were on average, costing the city $6.60 per call)
  • More educated and engaged recyclers
  • Increased awareness and understanding of problem materials for residents
  • Positive and improving resident recycling behavior

Learn the importance of engaging residents with a real-time digital collection schedule, while understanding what materials residents are recycling incorrectly like the City of Saskatoon did.

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We always link and promote the Waste Wizard in our messaging because the whole online tool saves a ton of time and money.

Mike Dawe, Environmental Coordinator, City of Saskatoon Solid Waste

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