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Case Study: City of Honolulu

City and County of Honolulu Tackle Illegal Dumping Successfully

In June 2019, Honolulu launched a curbside bulky-item collection pilot project for its Metro area's single and multi-family residents, transitioning from once-a-month bulky item collection to an appointment-based program.

In this case study, we review how the City and County of Honolulu (City), Refuse Division of the Department of Environmental Services (ENV) was able to tackle the complex challenge of illegal dumping, and transform it into a win for everyone.

City of Honolulu case study takeaways:

  • Total number of "hotspots" has been halved
  • 2000 less phone calls per month
  • Increased efficiency, lower driving distances and decreased fuel costs for drivers

Learn the importance of using digital tools to educate and teach residents how to properly dispose of bulky items like the City and County of Honolulu did.

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The Special Collection tool has been helpful in organizing appointments. It's created schedules so that people know exactly when we are picking up. Because of that, it stops most callbacks.

Josh Nagashima, Planner with the Refuse Division for the City of Honolulu

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