Digital Waste Communications Buyer's Guide
For Private Waste Haulers

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about how to make sound decisions when you purchase waste and recycling communications software.

What’s in the guide?

Our comprehensive digital waste communications buyer's guide will help guide you - the residential private waste hauler - navigate the complexities of waste and recycling communication tools.

Learn how streamlining communications helps you to reduce costs, lower contamination and foster happy and loyal customers.

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32 pages (35 min. read)

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Full Chapter List

Introduction: the What and Why of Wastecommunications Software for Public Works
Chapter 1: Why Buy Recycling Communications software?
Chapter 2: Making Sure Your Technology choices Stay Relevant
Chapter 3: Maintaining Your Recycling Brand:the Importance of White Labeling
Chapter 4: Web Accessibility is Law, and Theright Thing to Do
Chapter 5: Government Data Ownership Andprivacy
Chapter 6: Web Security Considerations: Keep your Systems Safe
Chapter 7: Navigating the Procurement Process
Estimated time to read
35 Minutes